Private social media

Share with your friends, not the whole world.

Whether it's a trip, a wedding, a birthday, or an entire life, Ajrn lets you easily collect and privately share life’s moments with only the people you choose.

Think of it as your own private social media!

What are people using Ajrn for?

Travel, weddings, events, family, you name it!



"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." - Henry David Thoreau

How many times have you asked someone to send their photos from a group trip but they never do? With Ajrn, everyone on the trip can quickly and easily upload their photos/videos/inside jokes to the group (or "jrn" as we call it) during or after the trip. You can even group chat too!

All the content from your trip is saved in one place, ready to be remembered for years to come.



Celebrate your big day without having to worry about capturing it. Your guests will do that for you! Everyone at your wedding can add photos/videos and leave you a note to say congrats!

With Ajrn, you get the content feed you're used to, but specifically for your special day. No more wedding hashtags needed, no more making your photos public, no more low quality shots of a day you'll want to remember forever.



Do you find yourself wanting to update friends and family on the latest in the life of your little one but not plaster photos of them across social media? Maybe you Email pictures to mom, Skype to Jenni, WhatsApp to Mark, and post a very select few (if any) on Facebook/Instagram?

With Ajrn, you can post to just one place! Only the friends and family who you've added to the group (or what we call a "jrn") will get a notification and can view it. That's it. No one else even knows it exists. There's no "creeping" since only the people IN the group can even see the group.

Stop waiting.
Start sharing.

We new friends!

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